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USB Charger

USB Charger

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TYP-C USB Charger
Type-C Charger 20W 5V3A/ 9V1.5A/ 12V1.5A/ 15V1.5A /20V1.55A
Type-C Charger 45W 5V3A/ 9V3A/ 12V3A/ 15V2A/ 20V2.25A
Type-C Charger 65W 5V3A/ 9V3A/ 12V3A/ 15V3A/ 20V3.25A

Type-C Charger 85W 5V3A/ 9V3A/  12V3A/ 15V3A/ 20V 4.35A

Our products have short circuit protection. Over current protection, over-voltage protection. Over discharge protection, temperature protection. The products can pass the strict safety certification tests of various countries.



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