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About us

Shenzhen Fekko Industrial was establish in 2004 . As an engineering-oriented company , It develops , manufactures and markets power adapters , power supplies , battery chargers and others special power devices for consumer , commercial and industrial field .
Innovation is the motivity and source of development for FEKKO Company. We train our staff , create friendly working environment , and encourage staff’s innovation to form a professional , responsible, cooperative and efficient organization. Since stable dependable products is the base of success, correct sale method is the guarantee of success, we persist to provide our best quality products with the most competitive price and the most excellent service to our cooperator. We are improving our objective continuously, making every effort to meet our clients kind requirement.

The company is built on three pillars:
High quality products
Excellent customer service
Superior product knowledge.

On account of our sincerity and quality products FEKKO hopes to attract more and more !, the more you need to be one of the best electronic product suppliers for all of our FEKKO worldwide customers.


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